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Baked Salmon


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        An alkaline diet can adjust a  persons pH within a few days.  I experienced this the first time in 2007 without  prior knowledge or experience.  This was possible by monitering diet and hydration.  This included omiting non alkaline food and drinks and substituting alkaline friendly food and drinks. I n addition I drank  Alkaline Water  5-7 glasses a day, while  consuming  the alkaline friendly foods. Animal proteins, sugars , unsaturated oils or fried and fatty foods were avoided altogether for a few weeks while quickly bringing the body back to an alkaline ph. ( Note,  mentioned " back to " . Most infants and children naturally have an alkaline body ph. Mine was probably acidic for many years when adjusting it back to an alkaline pH within days. Details can be found in SayingNotoCancer.

     Adjusting one’s liquid  and diet in-take can bring about very rapid pH changes in the body. Once the body adjusts back to a healthy alkaline range it is not difficult to keep it in the range.  Splurging occasionally is not a problem if proper a nutritionalm balance  and hydration with alkaline water is maintained. Alkaline water being 7.4-7.8 declustered water. ( AlkalineWaters )

Alkaline Diet for Rapidly Adjusting to Alkaline pH for
    Meat Eaters

Remember  what we  drink is as improtant and what one eats in adjusting or maintaining an alkaline ph .  Testing
 ones pH level is highly recommended, doing so daily or weekly   litmus papers including lifetime free refills are available at litmus paper, ph Papers or ph tests.   Teach your children how to check pH.

Drinks : Alkaline Water , Green Tea , Herbal tea , ( Unlimited)
Sweetener: Stevia , ( the natural sweetener that doesnt spike glucose levels.)
Coffee: may be included in maintence diets,  2 cups a day , ( is omitted when adjusting ph to alkaline )
Cocoa: may be included to 2 cups a day  when made with natural cocoa and stevia.
Fruit juices: Omit and limitdiet to one fresh fruit a day.
 ( Natural fruit is far healthier including pulp. )

Avoid boxed processed cereals with additives)
 EAT:  Bran Flakes, Cream of Wheat, Oats,  Greek yogart, Egg Whites ( no yolk )
   1 Whole or Diced Fruit in cereal
                    Lean Chicken Breast, Turkey Bacon, fresh white fish or salmon , frozen unbreaded,
                     ( Steamed, Broiled  or Baked)                

Lunch : Green,
Dinner :  Lean Chicken Breast, Turkey Bacon, fresh white fish or salmon , frozen unbreaded,
                     ( Steamed, Broiled  or Baked)  
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